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Books, Classes, & More.


One look at the laptop in the old photo above and you can see that ACPress started back when floppy disks, DOS, that new thing called Windows 3.1, and dial-up modems were big deals!  (This site is 18 years old!)


Over 20 years we published a series of critically acclaimed audio and multimedia tech tutorials. We still do! But today, our main focus is the rapidly changing world of digital photography.


Our books and continuing radio reports help people get the most out of them.


Please explore this simple site to find more information, reviews and tips for camera users.

Thank you for visiting the ACpress.com website!


We are transitioning the site so that it will be devoted primarily to a number of books and other informational topics for digital camera owners and general camera enthusiasts.


We apologize for the delay and hope to have more work done in December and have significant changes by January 2016.


A new "leisure service" of this company will be the new website "sillycatvalley.com."


This new site's name is of course a parody of "Silicon Valley" and is inspired by the fact that, in our corner of Minnesota, numerous very silly cats have made a home here!


However, it is not exclusively a site about cats, despite their constant companionship and inspiration.


The new site will carry a few oddball consumer reviews, humor, examples of artful and not so artful photography, etc.  I am placing our 2015 "Product of the Year" both here and on that site.

So we ask you to be patient and hope that you return to both sites to see new material and also to have a bit of fun!